Thursday, March 12, 2009

The posters!

Alright, we have finally sent out the posters to all of the artists in the show, so now you can see what everyone's working with. We tried to find images of the posters online, so you can see some before shots at the bottom.

2Cents: The Running Man
Aaron Jasinski: Bonnie and Clyde
Andrew Hem: Manhattan
Andrew Wilson: Wild Things
Augie Pagan: Dirty Harry in the Dead Pool
Brandon Sopinsky: Lionheart
Casey Weldon: Lethal Weapon 2
Chris Murray: Dark Knight
Cory Benhatzel: Big Top Pee Wee
David MacDowell: Liar Liar
Irma Rivera: Friday the 13th
Israel Sanchez: The Front
Jeff McMillan: Raiders of the Lost Arc
Jeremy Nichols: The Fog
Joey D: Flashdance
Johnny Crap: Mad Max - Beyond Thunderdome
Justin Kalmen: Aliens
Keith Noordzy: Beverly Hills Cop
Ken Garduno: Breakfast at Tiffany's
Kiersten Essenpreis: Animal House
Lawrence Yang: District 9
Le Merde: Buffalo 66
Martin Wittfooth: Total Recall
Matt Groller: Akira
Mylan Nguyen: Cocktail
Nathan Stapley: Coraline
Netherland: It’s a Wonderful Life
Phoneticontrol: Transformers
Roland Tamayo: A Perfect Storm
Scott Scheidly: Silent Hill
Shannon Bonatakis: Magnolia
Tim Tomkinson: Terminator 2 - Judgement Day
Tom Haubrick: North By Northwest
Wade Schin: Man on the Moon
Walt Hall: To Live & Die in L.A.

As everyone received their poster, we got some mixed responses, but we have heard some really interesting ideas of what a few people are thinking of doing. But the majority of people I've heard from don't have a clue at this point, so Netherland, don't worry because you're not the only one who's stumped! Your son is soooo cute by the way!

I think it would be cool to hear from an artist's perspective what the most desirable poster would be. Since I'm not an artist, I look at this in a completely different way. We definitely put thought into pairing the poster and artist, but I probably don't realize what factors are the most challenging (for instance a white background vs. color background).

Here are some of the before shots of the posters...