Friday, August 28, 2009

&Rew. Under the knife

Progress pictures are fun although a time lapse would be more cool - I don't have that sorta setup. So here's to second best:

birth to death for this part of the image.
I gave this wild thing a skull nose. I love the idea of using a skull as a nose and I don't do it often enough. It's not so easy to tell and it sorta looks like a mushroom (grrrrr) but other than that, it's all good.
be seeing you,

Thursday, August 27, 2009


Well here's the beginning of my "It's A Wonderful Life" poster. A lot more to do but the hard part is over...I think!

&Rew. One more step towards the innevitable

Today I prepared another figure to gesso onto the poster:

inked, cut, and then I like to use an old sharpy and cover the edges so they're black and not paper colored. It makes the thing look more polished.

I'm probably going to add six or seven more character cutouts to the poster and then some little tiny random ones. It all depends on how much time I can make and how it looks when I secure all their positions over the art. I have an idea in my head on how I'm going to do it, but life has a way of getting between your head and your canvas.

There's still plenty of loose time for tragedy.

be seeing you,

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

&Rew. Revenge of the movie monsters

I drew up a few creatures that I'll be adding to the mix.

Today I don't feel like talking much, so I won't, EXCEPT to say, that this is much more comfortable now. I'm working on that menu stock, which has excellent tooth and the tone is so freindly and familiar.

If you want to see pieces I've done in the past on the stock - check here:

there's innocent stuff like this:
and unnocent stuff like this:

here's some iphone photography of the art:

a "creature" of sorts

a "beast" of sorts

Speaking of innocent or un-innocent - if anybody reads and wants to comment in the comment fields - which was should I go with this piece? I'm always tempted to put a little bewb and booty action pieces, but I'm not really sure.

If anybody is brave enough to put their opinion on the comments field or on my blog - i'll take it into strong consideration.

And I didn't want to talk this morning....

be seeing you,

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

&Rew. movie poster maddnessss


Andrew Wilson here. (&Rew.)
Age: 1 millioin
Likes: Monsters, nudity, tempura, scotch, snow flakes
Dislikes: human flakes, mold, sunburns, mushrooms
Poster: Wild Things

i got a poster a long time ago, but i've been super busy forever and a half. Last weekend I started working on stuff to see what would happen.

The movie poster is kinda slick and I only paint with markers, ink, watercolor/ ink washes etc. I use acrylic but barely. What does that mean to you? You don't give a f_ck, right? Well that means I can't do my typical thing cause it would slip off the slick paper.

I DO however, know how to use a knife, since I was trained as a knife fighter since birth. So I'm gonna draw/paint (or whatever) on something that I know how to deal with - and then mount it to the poster.

I tried vellum:

This was my vellum sample page. I just did some random doodles and was going to gesso them onto a magazine to see how they held up.

The paper curled up like one of those party favor whistles - you know "foooooooooo". Those ones. It curled up like the wicked witch of the east's toes when she got hit by a f_cking house. As we all know, that's a good thing for everybody but the witch - and currently, I play the witch.

Result: F minus

I'm sad because that would have looked awesome on the poster . And my idea is to do 7 monsters plus a certain "king" of the monsters and gesso them over the poster.

IDK if I wanna crop it down or not though, cause this thing is HUGE. And I may want to mount it to board or something. Cause that always looks nice.

So I think, f_ck it. I like drawing on chipotle menus. I have a stack as tall as an elk in my room. I'll make art on those and exacto them out with my knife skills. And try gessoing THAT on.

Pre-knife sh_t.

post-knife opperation.

So I doodle and then cut and and the paste. It works like a charm. The next thing to do is to see if I can paint white highlights over the gesso (which is a likely yes). Now I have an idea, and I have a plan.

I guess this story is to be continued.

I'm adding these posts to my personal blog as well, but if you want to check that out it's:


Monday, August 24, 2009

Look, man, I ain't fallin' for no banana in my tailpipe!

Hello, LA based artist Keith Noordzy here (,

I was given Beverly Hills Cop to work with, and couldn't have been more happy.

So, how could I not include the banana in the tailpipe...

This was definitely a challenge, the biggest one being how I could sketch my idea onto the poster. Pencil was out, because if you use an eraser it leaves white streaks. Charcoal didn't work, tried 3 different types. Finally I decided to just go straight at it and paint on my poster. Many many many coates of white gesso later I finally had something I could paint on and didn't stop until I was finished.

Some words of advice for other artist...

- Just go at it, the hardest part of doing this piece was just starting. It's a little intimidating because you only have one shot
- Mount your poster. I went to a framer for this to save me some time and frustration. I was told that regular foam core could possibly warp when in contact with water or water soluble materials, so I went with gator board.
- Be careful if you spray with any kind of matte medium/crystal clear/whatever to seal it. It reacts strangely with the colors on the poster.

That's it. I wish I could make it up for the show, so have some fun for me.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Magazine Experiment

Hi all. Lawrence Yang here. I'm a San Francisco based artist (my online portfolio is here.)

So I was given the Cocoon poster to work on:

Should be fun, but the movie poster is made of this kind of reflective paper that I've never painted on before. We only get one shot at this, so decided to practice on the closest thing I could fine -- magazine paper. In this case, an old art catalog for Dick Blick.

"Magazine Experiment" - 5" x 5"" - ink, watercolor and gouache on magazine paper

Worked pretty well, I guess. The paper sort of repelled my attempts to paint a wash on it, but it took the india ink and gouache okay.

The paper got all wrinkled though. I'll have to try mounting some magazine paper and experiment some more. I have a few weeks, so there's time!

I hope. . . =P

Anyone else started working on their posters yet?