Wednesday, August 26, 2009

&Rew. Revenge of the movie monsters

I drew up a few creatures that I'll be adding to the mix.

Today I don't feel like talking much, so I won't, EXCEPT to say, that this is much more comfortable now. I'm working on that menu stock, which has excellent tooth and the tone is so freindly and familiar.

If you want to see pieces I've done in the past on the stock - check here:

there's innocent stuff like this:
and unnocent stuff like this:

here's some iphone photography of the art:

a "creature" of sorts

a "beast" of sorts

Speaking of innocent or un-innocent - if anybody reads and wants to comment in the comment fields - which was should I go with this piece? I'm always tempted to put a little bewb and booty action pieces, but I'm not really sure.

If anybody is brave enough to put their opinion on the comments field or on my blog - i'll take it into strong consideration.

And I didn't want to talk this morning....

be seeing you,

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  1. I think your inclinging are dead on. Wilid things sold itself on the "bewbs", Denise Richards still has a career based on that. It's one of the few (the ones I saw from the list) that's so sexually charged. Be interesting to see your play on it...