Friday, September 11, 2009

The Dead Pool vs The Chimp Pool

I thought I'd add some pics to my first post from below. Here's how it ended up coming out along with some close-ups.

So, here's the poster I got for the show. I thought it might be cool to incorporate a firing range target into the poster.

My initial thought was to make the movie poster an homage to all the Dirty Harry movies. That meant I had to have the Zodiac killer from the first movie in there somewhere.
I went out and got this target so that I could paint his face on the target.

I did a quick sketch of him and then painted him up on the target.

Here's how the face came out. I cut up the target portrait and pasted it into the poster. Like I said, the original plan was to put a bunch of Dirty Harry references on the poster. I was recently talking to a buddy about Eastwood's chimp movie, Any Which Way But Loose. Needless to say, my plan of attack has changed, and I now need to work some Orangutans into this poster. Stay tuned for the finished piece, or check out my art blog to see the final.

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